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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Iris, Wild Phlox, Butterfly Bush Blossoms and Geraniums with Jesus, Thou Refuge of the soul and Come unto me, when shadows darkly gather

Jesus, Thou Refuge of the soul,
To Thy dear arms I flee;
From Satan’s wiles, from self and sin,
O make and keep me free.

Tho’ clouds may rise, tho’ tempests rage,
Thou wilt my shelter be,
While with a steadfast heart and true,
My trust is stayed on Thee.

No power on earth, or power below,
Can tear me from Thy side,
If ‘neath Thy shelt’ring wings of love,
Dear Refuge, I abide.

Not death itself, that last dread foe,
Can hold me with his chain;
Thro’ Christ, who conquered Death, I rise,
And life eternal gain.

    Mrs. C. Warren

  Come unto me, when shadows darkly gather,
  When the sad heart is weary and distressed,
Seeking for comfort from your heavenly Father,
   Come unto me, and I will give you rest.

  Large are the mansions in thy Father’s dwelling,
  Glad are the homes that sorrows never dim;
Sweet are the harps in holy music swelling,
  Soft are the tones which raise the heavenly hymn.

  There, like an Eden blossoming in gladness,
  Bloom the fair flowers the earth too rudely pressed;
Come unto me, all ye who droop in sadness,
  Come unto me, and I will give you rest.

Catherine H. Esling

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