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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Blossoms with Jesus, Master, hast Thou messages to send? and There’s a wideness in God’s mercy

Jesus, Master, hast Thou messages to send?
Here am I, here am I!
Waiting, list’ning, at Thy feet I lowly bend,
Here am I-O do not pass me by!

Saviour, is there not some lowly task to do?
O send me, O send me!
Gird me now for service, make me strong and true,
Send me on some errand, Lord, for Thee!

Dost Thou need a hand to bear a shining light?
Use my hand, use my hand!
Dost Thou need a patient watcher in the night?
Let me serve Thee, Lord, at Thy command!

Working, waiting, whatsoe’er Thy holy will,
Here am I, here am I!
Master, let me Thy desire alone fulfill,
Keep me to Thy heart forever nigh!

Ready for Thy service, Master, here am I!
Hush my heart to hear Thee calling from on high;
Choose Thou for me, let me still reply-
O Master, here am I!

Julia H. Johnston
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy,
  Like the wideness of the sea,
There’s a kindness in His justice,
  Which is more than liberty.

There is welcome for the sinner,
  And more graces for the good;
There is mercy with the Savior,
  There is healing in His blood.

For the love of God is broader
  Than the measure of man’s mind;
And the heart of the Eternal,
  Is most wonderfully kind.

If our love were but more simple,
  We should take Him at His word;
And our lives would be all sunshine
  In the sweetness of our Lord.

Frederick W. Faber

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