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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Front Stage Roses with I will not go where I cannot take Jesus and We lift our songs to Thee

I will not go where I cannot take Jesus,
Jesus my Savior, my friend and Guide,
For I should tremble to feel for one moment
That He was absent from my side.

I will not do what I know would grieve Jesus,
How could I spurn such a Friend as He?
No!  for a lifetime of tend’rest devotion
Cannot repay His love to me.

I’ll not believe what I cannot tell Jesus,
Nor will I think upon things untrue;
For in the light or the darkness He surely
Knoweth all things we think or do.

I’ll do whatever I know will please Jesus,
I will be faithful in ev’rything;
Yes, by the help and the grace that He gives me,
I will be loyal to my King.


Stay with me, Savior, keep me I pray;
Never a moment let me stray,
Help me more often Thy love to remember,
That I may live closer, closer to Thee.

Chas. H. Gabriel

We lift our songs to Thee,
Our Saviour and our guide;
O make us from our burdens free,
And keep us near Thy side.

We lift our pray’ers to Thee,
Who only heareth pray’r;
They who on earth do thus agree,
Shall find Thy blessing there.

We lift our faith to Thee,
Increased by grace divine;
Help us, O Lord, Thy footsteps see,
And on Thy help recline.

We lift our all to Thee,
For all things, Lord, are Thine;
Take us, and all we have, and see
Thy likeness in us shine.

N. J. Squires

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