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Friday, May 2, 2014

Iris, Butterfly Bush Blossoms, Tree Blooms and Calla Lily with In times of sorrow, God is near and My heart is resting, O my God

In times of sorrow, God is near,
His vigils never cease,-
His tender, loving voice I hear,
“In Me ye shall have peace.”

Tho’ long and weary is the night,
And morn brings no relief,
Yet faith the promise still believes,
“In Me ye shall have peace.”

His love we may not understand,
While trials here increase,
But yet we know His word is sure,
“In Me ye shall have peace.”

Soon shall our eyes the land behold
Where pain and care shall cease;
Till then we’ll trust the promise sweet,
“In Me ye shall have peace.”

O blessed peace! sweet boon of heav’n!
That bids our trouble cease;
O precious word, divinely giv’n,
“In Me ye shall have peace!”

     Mrs. E. W. Chapman
My heart is resting, O my God,
  I will give thanks and sing;
My heart is at the secret source
  Of every precious thing.

Now the frail vessel Thou hast made,
  No hand but Thine shall fill;
The waters of the earth have failed,
  And I am thirsty still.

I thirst for springs of heavenly life,
  And here all day they rise;
I seek the treasure of Thy love,
  And close at hand it lies.

And a new song is in my mouth,
  To long-loved music set;
Glory to Thee for all the grace
  I have not tasted yet.

I have a heritage of joy,
  That yet I must not see;
The hand that bled to make it mine
  Is keeping it for me.

There is a certainty of love
  That sets my heart at rest;
A calm assurance for today,
  That to be poor is best;

A prayer, reposing on His truth,
  Who hath made all things mine,
That draws my captive will to Him,
  And makes it one with Thine. Amen

Anna L. Waring

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