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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunset with No sorrow yonder, and no more of pain and and Hope on, hope on, O troubled heart

No sorrow yonder, and no more of pain,
In that blest City-never more again,
Shall death and crying, tears and suffering,
Harass the soul with anguish, Christ is King!

No sadness yonder, and no dol’rous days,
No sea of trouble, and no woful ways,
No tiresome waiting for the storm to cease;
“The valley of the shadow” leads to peace!

No reign of terror, and no silent grief,
No more temptation, and no withered leaf,
No cheerless fireside, and no love bereft,
For in the Rock of Ages is a cleft!

No absent loved ones-worthy of a place-
Where saints and angels see His blessed face,
But sweet reunion, blithe felicity;
Rejoicing in the cross of Calvary.

No sorrow yonder, all mourning done,
No more heart wounding-Heaven won!

French E. Oliver

Hope on, hope on, O troubled heart;
If doubts and fears o’ertake thee,
Remember this-the Lord hath said,
He never will forsake thee;
Then murmur not, still bear thy lot,
Nor yield to care or sorrow;
Be sure the clouds that frown today
Will break in smiles tomorrow.

Hope on, hope on, though dark and deep
The shadows gather o’er thee;
Be not dismayed; thy Saviour holds
The Lamp of life before thee;
And if He will that thou today
Shouldst tread the vale of sorrow,
Be not afraid, but trust and wait;
The sun will shine tomorrow.

Hope on, hope on, go bravely forth
Through trial and temptation,
Directed by the word of truth,
So full of consolation;
There is a calm for ev’ry storm,
A joy for ev’ry sorrow,
A night from which the soul shall wake
To hail an endless morrow.

Robert Bruce

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