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Monday, June 23, 2014

Yellow Roses with 'Twill not be long before the night is over and O Thou, the contrite sinners’ Friend

‘Twill not be long before the night is over,
The gloomy night of sin;
Already thro’ the shadows we discover
The dawn light stealing in.
And just ahead we hear the angel chorus
Singing at heaven’s door-
The voices of our dear ones gone before us,
Who live forevermore!

‘Twill not be long; be patient, pilgrim, knowing
That God sees what is best;
His will decrees our coming and our going-
Let’s trust Him for the rest.
Be sure of this-He never is mistaken,
His plans are wise and just,
And never yet has He that soul forsaken
Who puts in Him its trust.

‘Twill not be long; a little more rough sailing
Before the port is won,
Then we’ll go in, ere wind and wave prevailing,
And voyaging be done.
And O!  what joy, to feel the sweet winds blowing
From that celestial shore,
As we throw out the heav’nly anchor, knowing
It holds forevermore!

‘Twill not be long-a little while of waiting
For God to whisper “Come!”
Then heav’n, for all earth’s trials compensating,
And home, eternal home!

Eben E. RexfordO Thou, the contrite sinners’ Friend,
Who, loving, lov’st them to the end,
On this alone my hopes depend,
That Thou wilt plead for me.

When, weary in the Christian race,
Far off appears my resting-place,
And, fainting, I mistrust Thy grace,
Then, Saviour, plead for me.

When I have erred and gone astray,
Afar from Thine and wisdom’s way,
And see no glimmering guiding ray,
Still, Saviour, plead for me.

When Satan, by my sins made bold,
Strives from Thy cross to loose my hold,
Then with Thy pitying arms enfold,
And plead, O plead for me.

And when my dying hour draws near,
O’ercast with sorrow, pain, and fear,
Then to my fainting sight appear,
Pleading in heaven for me.

When the full light of heavenly day
Reveals my sins in dread array,
Say Thou hast washed them all away;
O say Thou plead’st for me.

Charlotte Elliott

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