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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oatmeal and Raspberries with I am a Christian pilgrim and Since Jesus is my Friend

I am a Christian pilgrim,
And journey to a land,
Where, robed in royal garments,
The Lord’s anointed stand;
In Jesus’ blood, these saved ones
Have wash’d their garments white,
And soon I hope to join them,
In yonder land of light.

Why should I be discouraged,
Tho’ oft the sky appears
All veiled in clouds and darkness,
And I have doubts and fears?
My Lord and my Redeemer,
While He my leader is,
Will guide my steps in safety,
What want I more than this?

I meet with many troubles,
And trials on the way;
But when I look to Jesus,
And in the spirit I pray,
He gives me grace and courage
And helps my soul along;
And so I go rejoicing,
And sing my pilgrim song.

I feel like going on, brother,
I feel like going on,
I’m on my way to Zion,
And I feel like going on.

E. A. HoffmanSince Jesus is my Friend,
  And I to Him belong,
It matters not what foes intend,
  However fierce and strong.

He whispers in my breast
  Sweet words of holy cheer,
How they who seek in God their rest
  Shall ever find Him near;

How God hath built above
  A city fair and new,
Where eye and heart shall see and prove
  What faith has counted true.

My heart for gladness springs;
  It cannot more be sad;
For very joy it laughs and sings, -
  Sees naught but sunshine glad.

The sun that lights mine eyes,
  Is Christ, the Lord I love;
I sing for joy of that which lies
  Stored up for us above. Amen

Rev. Paul Gerhardt
Tr. Catherine Winkworth

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