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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daffodils with Heav'n is the Christian's Fatherland and Sweet is Thy mercy, Lord

Heav’n is the Christian’s Fatherland-
The heart’s dear home,
Where friends reach out a beck’ning hand
To those who roam;
And loving voices, sweet and low,
As in a dream,
We often hear, when soft winds blow
Across the stream.

Oh, Fatherland, upon thy hills
What glory lies;
In dreams of thee what rapture thrills
Our hearts, our eyes;
And when we wake, we softly say,
What rest shall come
To us that happy, happy day
When we get home.

Oh, dear, dear Fatherland of ours,
We long for thee!
Thy meadows fair, thy fadeless flow’rs
We long to see;
But knowing that God knoweth best,
Life’s hills we climb,
And say, He’ll call us home to rest,
In His good time.

Oh, Heav’n’s the homeland of the heart,
So far, so near?
Faith swings the doors of space apart,
And heav’n is here!

Eben E. RexfordSweet is Thy mercy, Lord;
  Before Thy mercy-seat
My soul, adoring pleads Thy word,
  And owns Thy mercy sweet.

My need and Thy desires
  Are all in Christ complete;
Thou hast the justice truth requires,
  And I Thy mercy sweet.

Where’er Thy Name is blest,
  Where’er Thy people meet,
There I delight in Thee to rest,
  And find Thy mercy sweet.

Light Thou my weary way,
  Lead Thou my wandering feet,
That while I stay on earth I may
  Still find Thy mercy sweet.

Thus shall the heavenly host
  Hear all my songs repeat
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
  My joy, Thy mercy sweet.

Rev. John S. B. Monsell

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