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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Colored Glass and Orange with In the time when trials vex you, and Look away to Jesus

In the time when trials vex you,
When the days are long and dreary,
And your burdened soul is weary,
O remember Jesus Christ.

When the clouds are black and low’ring,
When the thunderbolts are pealing,
And within you fear is stealing,
O remember Jesus Christ.

When the gates of hell, with fury,
Seek to bring to desolation
Souls whom Jesus bro’t salvation,
O remember Jesus Christ.

See yon tomb, O careless sinner!
While the days of hope are flying,
And your conscience dead or dying,
O remember Jesus Christ.

When death’s angel spreads his pinions,
He, the silver cord will sever,
But we’ll meet beyond the river
With our Savior, Jesus Christ.

O remember Jesus Christ, remember Jesus Christ
Who bare in His body on the tree,
All the load of sinful man;
Perfected salvation’s plan-
Remember, O remember Jesus Christ.

French E. OliverLook away to Jesus,
  Soul by woe oppress’d;
‘Twas for Thee He suffer’d,
  Come to Him and rest,
All thy griefs He carried,
  All thy sins He bore;
Look away to Jesus;
  Trust Him evermore.

Look away to Jesus,
  Soldier in the fight;
When the battle thickens
  Keep thine armor bright;
Though thy foes be many,
  Tho’ thy strength be small,
Look away to Jesus;
  He shall conquer all.

Look away to Jesus,
  When the skies are fair;
Calm seas have their dangers;
  Mariner, beware!
Earthly joys are fleeting,
  Going as they came,
Look away to Jesus,
  Evermore the same.

Look away to Jesus,
‘  Mid the toil and heat;
Soon will come the resting
  At the Master’s feet;
For the guests are bidden,
  And the feast is spread;
Look away to Jesus,
  In His footsteps tread.

When, amid the music
  Of the endless feast,
Saints will sing His praises,
  Thine shall not be least;
Then, amid the glories
  Of the crystal sea,
Look away to Jesus,
  Through eternity.

Rev. Henry Burton

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