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Monday, July 28, 2014

Oranges and Dried Flowers with Lord, I believe thy every word and Down life's dark vale we wander

  Lord, I believe thy every word,
  Thy every promise true;
And lo! I wait on thee, my Lord,
  Till I my strength renew.

  If in this feeble flesh I may
  A while show forth thy praise,
Jesus, support the tottering clay,
  And lengthen out my days.

  If such a worm as I can spread
  The common Saviour’s name,
Let him who raised thee from the dead
  Quicken my mortal frame.

  Still let me live thy blood to show,
  Which purges every stain;
And gladly linger out below
  A few more years in pain.
                        Charles Wesley

Down life’s dark vale we wander,
  Till Jesus comes;
We watch and wait and wonder,
  Till Jesus comes.

Oh, let my lamp be burning
  When Jesus comes;
For Him my soul be yearning,
  When Jesus comes.

No more heart-pangs nor sadness,
  When Jesus comes;
All peace and joy and gladness,
  When Jesus comes.

All doubts and fears will vanish,
  When Jesus comes;
All gloom His face will banish,
  When Jesus comes.

He’ll know the way was dreary,
  When Jesus comes;
He’ll know the feet grew weary,
  When Jesus comes.

He’ll know what griefs oppressed me,
  When Jesus comes;
Oh, how His arms will rest me!
  When Jesus comes.

All joy His loved ones bringing,
When Jesus comes;
All praise thro’ heaven ringing,
When Jesus comes.
All beauty bright and vernal,
When Jesus comes;
All glory, grand, eternal,
When Jesus comes.
                         P. P. Bliss

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