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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Assorted Blossoms with God of love, who hearest prayer and Hark, my soul! it is the Lord

God of love, who hearest prayer,
Kindly for thy people care,
Who on thee alone depend:
Love us, save us to the end.

Save us, in the prosperous hour,
From the flattering tempter’s power,
From his unsuspected wiles,
From the world’s pernicious smiles.

Save us from the great and wise,
Till they sink in their own eyes,
Tamely to thy yoke submit,
Lay their honor at thy feet.

Never let the world break in;
Fix a mighty gulf between;
Keep us little and unknown,
Prized and loved by God alone.

Let us still to thee look up,
Thee, thy Israel’s strength and hope;
Nothing know, or seek, beside
Jesus, and him crucified.

Charles WesleyHark, my soul! it is the Lord.
‘Tis thy Saviour, hear His word;
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee,
“Say, poor sinner, lov’st thou Me?”

“I delivered thee when bound,
And, when bleeding, healed thy wound;
Sought thee wandering, set thee right,
Turned thy darkness into light.

“Can a woman’s tender care
Cease toward the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful be,
Yet will I remember thee.

“Mine is an unchanging love,
Higher than the heights above,
Deeper than the depths beneath,
Free and faithful, strong as death.

“Thou shalt see My glory soon,
When the work of grace is done;
Partner of My throne shalt be:
Say, poor sinner, lovest thou Me?”

Lord, it is my chief complaint
That my love is weak and faint;
Yet I love Thee and adore;
O for grace to love Thee more! Amen

William Cowper

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