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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Cat with O’er the distant mountains breaking and I look to Thee in every need

  O’er the distant mountains breaking,
  Comes the reddening dawn of day;
Rise, my soul, from sleep awaking,
  Rise, and sing, and watch, and pray:
    ‘Tis thy Saviour,
  On his bright returning way.

  O thou long-expected, weary
  Waits my anxious soul for thee;
Life is dark, and earth is dreary
  Where thy light I do not see:
    O my Saviour,
  When wilt thou return to me?

  Long, too long, in sin and sadness,
  Far away from thee I pine;
When, O when, shall I the gladness
  Of thy Spirit feel in mine?
    O my Saviour,
  When shall I be wholly thine?

  Nearer is my soul’s salvation,
  Spent the night, the day at hand;
Keep me in my lowly station,
  Watching for thee, till I stand,
    O my Saviour,
  In thy bright and promised land.

  With my lamp well trimmed and burning,
  Swift to hear, and slow to roam,
Watching for thy glad returning
  To restore me to my home;
    Come, my Saviour,
  O my Saviour, quickly come!

John S. B. Monsell
I look to Thee in every need,
  And never look in vain;
I feel Thy strong and tender love,
  And all is well again:
The thought of Thee is mightier far
  Than sin, and pain, and sorrow are.

Discouraged in the work of life,
  Disheartened by its load,
Shamed by its failures or its fears,
  I sink beside the road;
But let me only think of Thee,
  And then new heart springs up in me.
Thy calmness bends serene above,
  My restlessness to still;
Around me flows Thy quickening life,
  To nerve my faltering will:
Thy presence fills my solitude;
  Thy providence turns all to good.

Embosomed deep in Thy dear love,
  Held in Thy law, I stand;
Thy hand in all things I behold,
  And all things in Thy hand;
Thou leadest me by unsought ways,
  And turn’st my mourning into praise. Amen

Samuel Longfellow

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