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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dried Flowers gone Wild with My span of life will soon be done and Go bury thy sorrow

  My span of life will soon be done,
  The passing moments say:
As lengthening shadows o’er the mead
  Proclaim the close of day.

  O that my heart might dwell aloof
  From all created things,
And learn that wisdom from above,
  Whence true contentment springs!

  Courage, my soul! thy bitter cross,
  In every trial here,
Shall bear thee to thy heaven above,
  But shall not enter there.

  The sighing ones, that humbly seek
  In sorrowing paths below,
Shall in eternity rejoice,
  Where endless comforts flow.

  Soon will the toilsome strife be o’er
  Of sublunary care,
And life’s dull vanities no more
  This anxious breast ensnare.

  Courage, my soul! on God rely;
  Deliverance soon will come;
A thousand ways has Providence
  To bring believers home.
                       Frances M. Cowper

Go bury thy sorrow,
  The world hath its share;
Go bury it deeply,
  Go hide it with care,
Go think of it calmly,
  When curtain’d by night,
Go tell it to Jesus,
  And all will be right.

Go tell it to Jesus,
  He knoweth thy grief;
Go tell it to Jesus,
  He’ll send thee relief,
Go gather the sunshine
  He sheds on the way;
He’ll lighten thy burden,
  Go, weary one, pray.

Hearts growing a-weary
  With heavier woe
Now droop ‘mid the darkness-
  Go comfort them, go!
Go bury thy sorrows,
  Let others be blest;
Go give them the sunshine;
  Tell Jesus the rest.
                           Mary A. Bachelor

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