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Monday, April 28, 2014

Wild Phlox, Daffodils, Tulips with Look up! look up! ye weary ones and I worship thee, most gracious God

Look up! look up! ye weary ones,
Whose skies are veil’d in night,
For He who knows the path you tread
Will yet restore the light;
Look up! and hail the dawning
Of hope’s triumphant morning.

The gifts ye bro’t with loving hand
Your Lord will not disown;
Their odors sweet to heav’n shall rise
Like incense ‘round His throne;
Look up! and hail the dawning
Of joy’s transcendent morning.

Rejoice, the grave is overcome,
And lo! the angels sing;
The grandest triumph ever known
Has come thro’ Christ our King;
All heav’n proclaims the dawning
Of love’s all glorious morning.

Behold Him! behold Him!
Your Saviour lives today;
Behold Him! behold Him!
The clouds have roll’d away.

     F. J. Crosby

  I worship thee, most gracious God,
  And all thy ways adore;
And every day I live, I seem
  To love thee more and more.

  When obstacles and trials seem
  Like prison-walls to be,
I do the little I can do,
  And leave the rest to thee.

  I have no cares, O blessed Will,
  For all my cares are thine;
I live in triumph, Lord, for thou
  Hast made thy triumphs mine.

  He always wins who sides with God,
  To him no chance is lost;
God’s will is sweetest to him when
  It triumphs at his cost.

  Ill that he blesses is our good,
  And unblest good is ill;
And all is right that seems most wrong,
  If it be his sweet will.
                   Frederick W. Faber

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