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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burgandy Violets, Daffodils, and Flowering Quince with In the hour when guilt assails me and Be our joyful song today

In the hour when guilt assails me,
On His gracious name I call,
Then I find the heavenly fullness,
Christ, my righteousness, my all.

In the night when sorrow clouds me,
And the burning teardrops fall,
Then I sing the song of patience,
Christ, my Brother and my all.

In the day when this immortal
Shall fling off its mortal thrall,
Then my song of resurrection
Shall be Christ, my all in all.

All my song when standing yonder,
Shall be Christ, my joy, my all,
This shall ever be my anthem,
“Christ my glory, Christ my all;”
This shall ever be my anthem,
“Christ my glory, Christ my all.”

      Horatius Bonar

Be our joyful song today,
Jesus, only Jesus,
He who took our sins away,
Jesus, only Jesus,
Name with ev’ry blessing rife,
Be our joy and hope thro’ life,
Be our strength in ev’ry strife,
Jesus, only Jesus.

Once we wander’d far from God,
Knowing not of Jesus,
Treading still the downward road,
Leading far from Jesus,
Till the spirit taught us how,
‘Neath the Saviour’s yoke to bow,
And we fain would follow now,
Jesus, only Jesus.

Be our trust thro’ years to come,
Jesus, only Jesus,
Password to the heav’nly home,
Jesus, only Jesus,
When from sin and sorrow free,
On thro’ all eternity,
This our theme and song shall be,
Jesus, only Jesus.
                    L. Pierce

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