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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleeping Cat with Weary pilgrim on life’s pathway and Shepherd of Israel, keeping Thy sheep-

Weary pilgrim on life’s pathway,
Struggling on beneath thy load;
Hear these words of consolation,
“Cast thy burden on the Lord.”

Are thy tired feet unsteady?
Does thy lamp no light afford?
Is thy cross too great and heavy?
Cast thy burden on the Lord.

Are the ties of friendship sever’d?
Hush’d the voices fondly heard?
Breaks thy heart with weight of anguish?
Cast thy burden on the Lord.

Does thy heart with faintness falter?
Does thy mind forget his word?
Does thy strength succumb to weakness?
Cast thy burden on the Lord.

He will hold thee up from falling,
He will guide thy steps aright;
He will strengthen each endeavor;
He will keep thee by his might.


Cast thy burden on the Lord,
Cast thy burden on the Lord,
And he will strengthen thee, sustain and comfort thee;
Cast thy burden on the Lord.

Wm. J. Kirkpatrick
Shepherd of Israel, keeping Thy sheep-
Never forgetting in slumber or sleep;
Folding them gently when night cometh on,
Going before them at break of the dawn!

Shepherd of Israel, true to Thine own
When the false hireling servant hath flown;
Laying Thy life down their pardon to win,
Shedding Thy blood to redeem them from sin!

Shepherd of Israel! strong is Thine arm,
Shielding Thy flock from each threatening harm;
Gath’ring the lambs as they falter and fall,
Safe in Thy bosom enfolding them all!

Shepherd of Israel, soon to appear,
Soon to deliver Thy ”little flock” here!
Just to behold Thee their richest reward-
Shepherd of Israel, Jesus, their Lord!


Shepherd of Israel! Shepherd of love!
Watching Thy flock from the glory above!
Knowing how weary their wilderness way;
Praying for them-ever living to pray!

A. A. P.

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