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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fresh Eggs with I and my house will serve the Lord and My Jesus, as Thou wilt

  I and my house will serve the Lord;
But first, obedient to his word
  I must myself appear;
By actions, works, and tempers, show
That I my heavenly Master know,
  And serve with heart sincere.

  I must the fair example set;
From those that on my pleasure wait
  The stumbling block remove;
Their duty by my life explain,
And still in all my works maintain
  The dignity of love.

  Easy to be entreated, mild,
Quickly appeased and reconciled,
  A follower of my God,
A saint indeed, I long to be,
And lead my faithful family
  In the celestial road.

  Lord, if thou didst the wish infuse,
A vessel fitted for thy use
  Into thy hands receive:
Work in me both to will and do;
And show them how believers true,
  And real Christians, live.

Charles Wesley
My Jesus, as Thou wilt!
  O may Thy will be mine;
Into Thy hand of love
  I would my all resign.
Through sorrow, or through joy,
  Conduct me as Thine own;
And help me still to say,
  My Lord, Thy will be done.

My Jesus, as Thou wilt!
  Though seen through many a tear,
Let not my star of hope
  Grow dim or disappear.
Since Thou on earth hast wept
  And sorrowed oft alone,
If I must weep with Thee,
  My Lord, Thy will be done.

My Jesus, as Thou wilt!
  All shall be well for me;
Each changing future scene
  I gladly trust with Thee.
Straight to my home above
  I travel calmly on,
And sing, in life or death,
  My Lord, Thy will be done.

Rev. Benjamin Schmolck  tr. Jane Borthwick

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