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Friday, September 20, 2013

Grazing Sheep with Does the world look dark and dreary? and We’ll sing of the Shepherd that died

Does the world look dark and dreary?
Are your trials more and more?
Have your feet grown tired and weary?
Does the tempest round you roar?

Do you sometimes think, most sadly,
There is none your grief to share?
Just remember, Jesus, gladly,
Ev’ry burden waits to bear.

Pray’r will lift you nearer heaven,
Into sunshine, pure and sweet;
Darkest clouds will soon be riven,
Soon be underneath your feet.

God is wise, and, if delaying
Answer to your pray’r for aid,
You must trust him; keep on praying,
Help will come; be not dismayed.

Keep on praying, keep on praying,
Tho’ the storm be raging wild;
Soon you’ll hear a sweet voice saying:
“Peace to you, my troubled child.”

Mrs. H. B. Spoor
We’ll sing of the Shepherd that died,
  That died for the sake of the flock;
His love to the utmost was tried,
  But firmly endured as a rock.

When blood from a victim must flow,
  This Shepherd by pity was led
To stand between us and the foe,
  And willingly died in our stead.

Our song, then, forever shall be,
  The Shepherd who gave Himself thus;
No subject’s so glorious as He,
  No theme so affecting to us.

Of Him and His love will we sing,
  His praises our tongues shall employ,
Till heavenly anthems we bring
  In yonder bright regions of joy.

Thomas Kelly

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