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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Simple Colors with Have you trials oppressing and I left it all with Jesus

Have you trials oppressing?
Falter not!
All to Jesus confessing,
Falter not!
He your burdens will bear,
Ev’ry sorrow will share,
And will give you the blessing,-
Falter not!

Is the day long and dreary?
Falter not!
Is the night dark and eery?
Falter not!
Let his will be your guide,
For his love will provide
A reward for the weary,-
Falter not!

Tho’ a host should assail you,
Falter not!
Strength divine will avail you,
Falter not!
Put your trust in the Lord,
And go on to reward,
For he never will fail you,-
Falter not!

For the Lord loveth those who fear him,
Those who, lowly in heart, revere him;
In his strength
They at length
Shall become victorious,
Falter not!
He will keep them in safety ever;
In their need he will leave them never;
Over all below
They shall safely go
To a triumph glorious,-
Falter not!

Chas. H. Gabriel

I left it all with Jesus
     Long ago;
All my sins I brought Him,
     And my woe.
When by faith I saw Him
     On the tree,
Heard His small, still whisper,
     “’Tis for thee,”
From my heart the burden
Rolled away-
Happy day!

I leave it all with Jesus,
     For He knows
How to steal the bitter
     From life’s woes;
How to gild the tear-drop
     With His smile,
Make the desert garden
     Bloom awhile:
When my weakness leaneth
On His might,
All seems light.

I leave it all with Jesus
     Day by day;
Faith can firmly trust Him
     Come what may.
Hope has dropped her anchor,
     Found her rest
In the calm, sure haven
     Of His breast:
Love esteems it heaven
To abide
At His side.

Oh, leave it all with Jesus,
     Drooping soul!
Tell not half thy story,
     But the whole.
Worlds on worlds are hanging
     On His hand,
Life and death are waiting
     His command;
Yet His tender bosom
Makes thee room-
Oh, come home!

Ellen H. Willis

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