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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mums with I am held by God’s right hand and It was spoken for the Master

I am held by God’s right hand,
Roll, billows, roll!
I fear naught on sea or land, so
Roll, billows, roll!

What care I for rock or shoal?
Roll, billows roll!
All God’s host surround my soul, so
Roll, billows, roll!

Tho’ what Satan should assail,
Roll, billows, roll!
In God’s might I shall prevail, so
Roll, billows roll!

Oh, that you, my friend, could say
“Roll, billows, roll!
Christ is keeping me each day, so
Roll, billows, roll!”

Roll, billows roll!
Roll, billows, roll!
Jesus is my anchor and
He’ll keep my soul from ev’ry foe;
So roll, billows roll!
Roll, billows roll!
Jesus is my anchor and
He’ll keep my soul.

J. P. Scholfield

It was spoken for the Master
Oh, how lovingly it fell!
It was uttered in a whisper,
Who had breathed it none could tell.
It was spoken for the Master,
Only just a little word,
But the chords that long had slumbered,
In a grief-worn heart were stirred.

Oh, we know not when we scatter,
Where the precious seed will fall,
But we work and trust in Jesus,
For he watcheth over all.
We may sow beside the waters,
Of affliction, it may be,
But the fruits of earnest labor
At the reaping we shall see.

When our busy toil is over,
From the vineyard when we go,
We shall find a store of blessings
That on earth we could not know.
We shall wonder at the brightness
Of the crowns we then shall wear,
But the Lord himself will tell us
Why he placed the jewels there.

Gentle words of patient kindness,
Tho’ unheeded oft they seem,
To the fold of grace may gather
Souls of which we little dream.

Lizzie Edwards

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