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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lone Sheep with Patient ‘neath Thy hand, Lord and Like a shepherd, tender, true

Patient ‘neath Thy hand, Lord,
Ever let me lie;
Thou the heav’nly Worker,
Clay to mold am I.
As the clay is fashioned
By the potter’s will,
So I wish to be, Lord,
Calm, submissive still.

Only Thou canst cleanse me
From my sins’ dark blight;
Only Thou canst fashion
Vessels pure and white.
“Vessels unto honor”
Some bright souls shall be;
In some humble station,
Lord, find place for me.

Ready for Thy service
If Thou choosest so;
Ready but to wait, Lord,
Till Thou sayest, “Go!”
O that Thou wouldst choose me
For Thy work today!
But, if not, then use me
In Thine own best way.

I am in Thy hand, Lord,
And would not rebel,
For I surely know Thou
Doeth all things well.

Flora Kirkland

Like a shepherd, tender, true,
Jesus leads, Jesus leads,
Daily finds us pastures new,
Jesus leads, Jesus leads;
If thick mists are o’er the way,
Or the flock ‘mid danger feeds,
He will watch them lest they stray,
Jesus leads, Jesus leads.

All along life’s rugged road
Jesus leads, Jesus leads,
Till we reach yon blest abode,
Jesus leads, Jesus leads;
All the way, before, He’s trod,
And He now the flock precedes,
Safe into the fold of God
Jesus leads, Jesus leads.

Thro’ the sunlit ways of life
Jesus leads, Jesus leads,
Thro’ the warrings and the strife
Jesus leads, Jesus leads;
When we reach the Jordan’s tide,
Where life’s bound’ry line recedes,
He will spread the waves aside,
Jesus leads, Jesus leads.

John R. Clements

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