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Monday, November 11, 2013

Peonies amd Gray Vase with The nearer I reach the end of life and Lord, dost Thou say, “Ask what thou wilt?”

The nearer I reach the end of life,
The sweeter is Home to me;
I long for the fragrant flow’rs that grow
On the banks of the Crystal Sea.

The nearer the fading of the leaf,
The brighter the colors grow;
I sigh, when the evening shadows fall,
For the light of the morning glow.

The nearer I reach the banks of bloom,
The fairer the breezes blow;
The nearer I reach the Fount of Love,
Then the sweeter the waters flow.

The nearer I reach the Morning Land,
The fairer the golden light;
My eyes in the gath’ring mists grow dim,
Then the clearer immortal light.

Home, Home, Heavenly Home,
Fair are my dreams of thee;
The nearer I reach the end of time,
The sweeter thou art to me.

Jesse P. Tompkins

  Lord, dost Thou say, “Ask what thou wilt?”
  Then would I seize the golden hour:
I pray to be released from guilt,
  And freed from sin and Satan’s power.

  More of Thy presence, Lord, impart;
  More of Thine image let me bear:
Erect Thy throne within my heart,
  And reign without a rival there.

  Give me to read my pardon sealed,
  And from Thy joy to draw my strength:
O be Thy boundless love revealed
  In all its height, and breadth, and length.

  Grant these requests-I ask no more,
  But to Thy care the rest resign:
Sick, or in health, or rich, or poor,
  All shall be well, if Thou art mine.

Rev. John Newton

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