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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fruit and Flower Bowl with How many times has He lightened our cares and On the mount of wondrous glory

How many times has He lightened our cares,
Over and over again!
How many times has He answered our prayers,
Over and over again!
Then tell of His goodness to thee and to thine,
And tell of His mercies to me and to mine,
Repeat the old story of pardon divine,
Over and over again.

He ne’er refuses to hear, tho’ we call
Over and over again,
Send show’rs of blessing so freely on all,
Over and over again;
Oh, why are you silent so often, so long,
When telling the story will turn them from wrong?
Then tell it, O tell it in praise or in song,
Over and over again.

Tho’ we may wander in byways of sin,
Over and over again,
The heart of Jesus will bid us come in,
Over and over again;
Then let us be willing, wherever the place,
To tell of His kindness, His pardon, His grace,
And some day in glory, we’ll look on His face,
Over and over again.

Over and over again,
Over and over again,
O what a wonderful story to tell,
Over and over again.

Floy S. Armstrong
On the mount of wondrous glory,
Borne aloft by faith we stand,
While we drink the crystal waters
Flowing down from Eden’s land.

On the mount of wondrous glory,
Where so oft ‘tis ours to be,
In the brightness of his presence,
Christ, our Lord, reveal’d we see.

On the mount of wondrous glory,
Where he bids me come and rest,
Jesus spreads a feast before us,
Making each a welcome guest.

If on earth our souls are honor’d
With such visions of delight,
Who can tell our heights of rapture,
When our faith is lost in sight.

How the heart, its toil forgets,
In the joy we there behold; there behold;
In the fullness of his love, of his love,
That is better felt than told.

Sallie M. Smith

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