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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yellow Roses and Depression Glass with O Thou, who hast spread out the skies and

  O Thou, who hast spread out the skies,
  And measured the depths of the sea,
Our incense of praise shall arise
  In joyous thanksgiving to thee.
Forever thy presence is near,
  Though heaves our bark far from the land;
We ride on the deep without fear;
  The waters are held in thy hand.

  Eternity comes in the sound
  Of billows that never can sleep;
Jehovah encircles us round;
  Omnipotence walks on the deep.
Our Father, we look up to thee,
  As on toward the haven we roll:
And faith in our Pilot shall be
  An anchor to steady the soul.

Hannah F. Gould
There comes a time when life is sped,
When they who loved the Lord that bled,
And followed wheresoe’er He led,
     Shall walk in white.

They yield Him here their latest breath,
Love not their lives unto the death,
And soon with crowns a conq’ror hath,
     They’ll walk in white.

Not those grown cold in their desire,
Not those defiled in their attire,
Not those escaped so as by fire,
     Shall walk in white.

‘Tis not to make this earth our home-
‘Tis not in part to overcome,
Some sin denied, still grasping some,
     To walk in white.

It is to love the Lord alone;
It is to hear Well done! well done;
It is to share the Savior’s throne,
     To walk in white.

It is to sup at His dear side;
It is within His robe to hide;
Ah, heart! it is to be His bride,
     To walk in white.

H. G. Spafford

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