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Monday, December 9, 2013

Flowers and Candle with And let this feeble body fall and Blest assurance ever dear

  And let this feeble body fall,
  And let it faint, or die;
My soul shall quit the mournful vale,
  And soar to worlds on high;
Shall join the disembodied saints,
  And find its long-sought rest,
That only bliss for which it pants,
  In the Redeemer’s breast.

  In hope of that immortal crown
  I now the cross sustain,
And gladly wander up and down,
  And smile at toil and pain:
I suffer on my threescore years,
  Till my Deliverer come,
And wipe away his servant’s tears,
  And take his exile home.

  O what hath Jesus bought for me!
  Before my ravished eyes
Rivers of life divine I see,
  And trees of paradise:
I see a world of spirits bright,
  Who taste the pleasures there;
They all are robed in spotless white,
  And conquering palms they bear.

  O what are all my sufferings here,
  If, Lord, thou count me meet
With that enraptured host to appear,
  And worship at thy feet!
Give joy or grief, give ease or pain,
  Take life or friends away,
But let me find them all again
  In that eternal day.

Charles Wesley
Blest assurance ever dear,
As our troubles come so fast;
How it does the spirit cheer,
To be promised peace at last.

Though by sorrow’s dismal cloud,
Be our pathway overcast,
Through the Saviour’s precious blood
We are promised peace at last.

We can stand the driving rains,
We can bide the cutting blast;
While the promise still remains
Of unbroken peace at last.

Peace at last, peace at last,
When our sorrows all are past,
And ‘tis coming, oh, how fast,
Peace at last,
Peace at last, peace at last,
‘Tis coming, coming, peace at last.

E. R. Latta

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