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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sunflowers and Who are these arrayed in white and Out from life’s shadows and gloom

  Who are these arrayed in white,
  Brighter than the noonday sun,
Foremost of the sons of light,
  Nearest the eternal throne?
These are they that bore the cross,
  Nobly for their Master stood;
Sufferers in his righteous cause,
  Followers of the dying God.

  Out of great distress they came,
  Washed their robes by faith below,
In the blood of yonder Lamb,
  Blood that washes white as snow;
Therefore are they next the throne,
  Serve their Maker day and night;
God resides among his own,
  God doth in his saints delight.

  More than conquerors at last,
  Here they find their trials o’er;
They have all their sufferings passed,
  Hunger now and thirst no more.
He that on the throne doth reign,
  Them the Lamb shall always feed,
With the tree of life sustain,
  To the living fountains lead.

     Charles Wesley
Out from life’s shadows and gloom,
Lead me, oh, lead me to Thee,
There in Thy sunlight of love,
Lord evermore I would be.
Thou who canst comfort and bless,
Be Thou my shield ev’ry hour,
Help me to live but for Thee,
Trusting Thine Almighty power.

Lead me, dear Saviour, I pray,
While o’er life’s desert I roam,
Guide Thou my wandering feet
On to that beautiful home.
Thou who canst still the dark wave,
Thou who didst walk on the foam,
Lead me, I pray Thee my Saviour,
On to that beautiful home.

‘Mid all the perils of sin,
Save me from Satan’s dark thrall,
Why should my doubting heart fear?
Thou wilt be all and in all.
And when my journey is o’er,
And from earth’s bondage I’m free,
Then to Thy haven above,
Lead me, O lead me to Thee.

Violet E. King

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