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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daylilies and Away with our sorrow and fear and My mortal eyes have never seen

  Away with our sorrow and fear,
  We shall soon recover our home;
The city of saints shall appear,
  The day of eternity come.
From earth we shall quickly remove,
  And mount to our native abode,
The house of our Father above,
  The palace of angels and God.

  By faith we already behold
  That lovely Jerusalem here:
Her walls are of jasper and gold,
  As crystal her buildings are clear;
Immovably founded in grace,
  She stands as she ever hath stood,
And brightly her Builder displays,
  And flames with the glory of God.

  No need of the sun in that day
  Which never is followed by night
Where Jesus’s beauties display
  A pure and a permanent light;
The Lamb is their light and their sun,
  And lo! by reflection they shine;
With Jesus ineffably one,
  And bright in effulgence divine.
      Charles Wesley
My mortal eyes have never seen
The land of cloudless skies,
Where life’s fair tree, in fadeless green,
God’s healing balm supplies.

By faith, with visions reaching far
Beyond this earthly gloom,
Discerns the land where angels are,
Where flow’rs immortal bloom.

As earthly fruits with sweetness fill
The pleasant air of even,
So life’s fair fruits their sweets distill
Upon the air of heav’n.

None sick that rest beneath the shade
Of Life’s wide spreading tree;
The roseate cheeks of health ne’er fade:
They bloom eternally.

Sweet balm exhaled from fruits and leaves
Fills heav’n with grateful song;
No breaking heart in loneness grieves
Among the sainted throng.

O wondrous life! eternal rest,
No weariness and pain!
The loss of earth will bring me home
To heaven’s eternal gain.

Rev. Frank Pollock

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