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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yellow, Orange, Green with The heavenly treasure now we have and Jesus wept! those tears are over

  The heavenly treasure now we have
  In a vile house of clay;
But Christ will to the utmost save,
  And keep us to that day.

  Our souls are in his mighty hand,
  And he shall keep them still;
And you and I shall surely stand
  With him on Zion’s hill.

  Him eye to eye we there shall see,
  Our face like his shall shine;
O what a glorious company,
  When saints and angels join!

  O what a joyful meeting there!
  In robes of white arrayed,
Palms in our hands we all shall bear,
  And crowns upon our head.

  Then let us lawfully contend,
  And fight our passage through;
Bear in our faithful minds the end,
  And keep the prize in view.
                                      Charles Wesley
Jesus wept! those tears are over
  But His heart is still the same,
Kinsman, Friend, and Elder Brother,
  Is His everlasting name.
Saviour, who can love like Thee,
  Gracious One of Bethany.

When the pangs of trial seize us,
  When the waves of sorrow roll,
I will lay my head on Jesus,
  Pillow of the troubled soul.
Surely, none can feel like Thee,
  Weeping One of Bethany.

Jesus wept! and still in glory,
  He can mark each mourner’s tears;
Living to retrace the story
  Of the hearts He solaced here.
Lord, when I am called to die,
  Let me think of Bethany.

Jesus wept! those tears of sorrow
  Are a legacy of love;
Yesterday, to-day, to-morrow,
  He the same doth ever prove,
Thou art all in all to me
  Living One of Bethany.

Sir Edward Denny

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