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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange with I long to behold Him arrayed and Ah, this heart is void and chill

  I long to behold Him arrayed
  With glory and light from above;
The King in his beauty displayed,
  His beauty of holiest love:
I languish and sigh to be there,
  Where Jesus hath fixed his abode;
O when shall we meet in the air,
  And fly to the mountain of God!

  With him I on Zion shall stand,
  For Jesus hath spoken the word;
The breadth of Immanuel’s land
  Survey by the light of my Lord:
But when, on thy bosom reclined,
  Thy face I am strengthened to see,
My fullness of rapture I find,
  My heaven of heavens in thee.

  How happy the people that dwell
  Secure in the city above!
No pain the inhabitants feel,
  No sickness or sorrow shall prove.
Physician of souls, unto me
  Forgiveness and holiness give;
And then from the body set free,
  And then to the city receive.
                                    Charles WesleyAh, this heart is void and chill,
  ‘Mid earth’s noisy thronging;
For my Father’s mansion, still
  Earnestly I’m longing.

Soon the glorious day will dawn,
  Heav’nly pleasures bringing;
Night will be exchanged for morn,
  Sighs give place to singing.

Oh, to be at home, and gain,
  All for which we’re sighing,
From all earthly want and pain
  To be swiftly flying.-

Blessed home! oh, blessed home!
  There no more to sever;
Soon we’ll meet around the throne
  Praising God forever.

Looking home, looking home,
T’ward the heav’nly mansion,
Jesus hath prepared for me,
In His Father’s kingdom.

K. J. T. Spitta

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