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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cosmos, Assorted Blossoms with How do I know there’s pardon and O HELP us, Lord; each hour of need

How do I know there’s pardon
For sins as great as mine?
Why, thro’ the clouds of midnight,
Should love’s bright splendor shine?
Because he came to save me;
The Shepherd’s voice I heard;
Snow-white the blood is cleansing,
‘Tis written in the Word.

How do I know his blessing
Avails from day to day?
His grace for ev’ry duty,
His guidance for the way?
Because he clothes the lily,
He feeds the hungry bird,
And for my need he careth;
‘Tis written in the Word.

How do I know that sorrow
Shall yield to joys supreme?
That wintry storms shall vanish
Before springs sunny gleam?
That life shall be uplifted
To brighter realms transferred?
All glory be to Jesus!
‘Tis written in the Word.

‘Tis written in the Word,
Book of truth divine;
I’ll praise the Lord forever for ev’ry precious line;
‘Tis written in the Word,
Eternal life conferred
On all who now believe in Jesus.
                         E. E. Hewitt

  O help us, Lord; each hour of need
  Thy heavenly succor give:
Help us in thought, and word, and deed,
  Each hour on earth we live.

  O help us when our spirits bleed,
  With contrite anguish sore;
And when our hearts are cold and dead,
  O help us, Lord, the more.

  O help us, through the prayer of faith
  More firmly to believe;
For still, the more the servant hath,
  The more shall he receive.

  O help us, Jesus, from on high;
  We know no help but Thee:
O help us so to live and die
  As Thine in heaven to be.

Rev. Henry H. Milman

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