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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Purple Coneflower with Never will the Lord forget his own and O let him whose sorrow

Never will the Lord forget his own,
Dark may be the night of sorrow;
Trust on in his mighty arm alone,
He’ll bring to us a bright tomorrow.

Closely ‘round us throng the hosts of sin,
Yet his grace can keep us ever,
Look to him, the vict’ry we will win,
He’ll help each brave and true endeavor.

Light will break along the eastern sky,
Let our joyful songs be ringing;
Jesus lives, our King enthroned on high,
March on, with glad, triumphal singing.

Trust on, thro’ the darkest night,
Press on, thro’ the hardest fight;
Hope on, singing of his love,
Praise the King above.
                           E. E. HewittO let him whose sorrow
  No relief can find,
Trust in God and borrow
  Ease for heart and mind:
Where the mourner weeping
  Sheds the secret tear,
God His watch is keeping,
  Though none else is near.

God will never leave us,
  All our wants He knows,
Feels the pains that grieve us,
  Sees our cares and woes:
When in grief we languish,
  He will dry the tear,
Who His children’s anguish
  Soothes with succor near.

All our woe and sadness
  In this world below,
Balance not the goodness
  We in heaven shall know,
When our gracious Saviour,
  In the realms above
Crowns us with His favor,
  Fills us with His love.

H. Oswald, 1793; Tr. F. E. Cox, 1841

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