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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Morning Glories, Cosmos with Rejoice! the Lord is King and Now God be with us, for the night is closing

Rejoice! the Lord is King!
Your God and King adore;
Let all give thanks and sing,
And triumph evermore.

His Kingdom cannot fail,
He rules o’er earth and heav’n;
The keys of death and hell
Are to our Saviour given.

He all His foes shall quell,
Shall all our sins destroy;
And ev’ry bosom swell
With pure seraphic joy.

Rejoice in glorious hope;
For soon the Lord shall come,
And take His servants up
To their eternal home.

Lift up the heart, lift up the voice;
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice;
Rejoice, rejoice,
Again I say, rejoice.
     C. Wesley

Now God be with us, for the night is closing:
The light and darkness are of His disposing;
And ’neath His shadow here to rest we yield us,
     For He will shield us.

Let evil thoughts and spirits flee before us;
Till morning cometh, watch, O Master, o’er us;
In soul and body Thou from harm defend us,
     Thine angels send us.

Let holy thoughts be ours when sleep o’ertakes us;
Our earliest thoughts be Thine when morning wakes us;
All day serve Thee, in all that we are doing
     Thy praise pursuing.

As Thy beloved, soothe the sick and weeping,
And bid the prisoner lose his griefs in sleeping;
Widows and orphans, we to Thee commend them,
     Do Thou befriend them.

We have no refuge, none on earth to aid us,
Save Thee, O Father, who Thine own hast made us;
But Thy dear presence will not leave them lonely,
     Who seek Thee only.
          Rev. Petrus Herbert, Tr. Catherine Winkworth

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