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Monday, March 17, 2014

Checkers with How dear to my heart, when the pathway is lonely and Calm me, my God, and keep me calm

How dear to my heart, when the pathway is lonely,
That wonderful promise of Jesus my Lord,
That message of mercy, of love and compassion,
I read on the page of His own blessed word.

When chilled by the waves that are surging around me,
And clouds of affliction like billows may roll,
I’ll cling to His Word which can never be broken,
And joy in the comfort it brings to my soul.

Though tried in the furnace, my faith shall not falter,
But, trusting in Jesus, the Cross I will bear;
And hoping, enduring, believing, obeying,
I’ll cling to His promise, and rest in His care.


“Fear not I am with thee”
Thy Strength and Redeemer,
The Rock where in safety My own shall abide;
I will not forsake thee My word hath declared it,
I will not forsake thee whatever betide.
         F. J. Crosby
  Calm me, my God, and keep me calm:
  Let Thy outstretched wing
Be like the shade of Elim’s palm,
  Beside her desert spring.

  Yes, keep me calm, though loud and rude
  The sounds my ear that greet;
Calm in the closet’s solitude,
  Calm in the busy street;

  Calm in the hour of buoyant health,
  And in the hour of pain;
Calm in my poverty or wealth,
  And in my loss or gain;

  Calm in the sufferance of wrong,
  Like Him who bore my shame;
Calm ‘mid the threatening, taunting throng,
  Who hate Thy holy name.

  Calm me, my God, and keep me calm,
  Soft resting on Thy breast;
Soothe me with holy hymn and psalm,
  And bid my spirit rest.
        Rev. Horatius Bonar

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