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Thursday, October 24, 2013

White Roses and Jewelry with There is as land beyond our sight and I little see, I little know

There is a land beyond our sight,
Unmarred by sin, undimmed by night,
A land without one grief or care,
No pain nor death can enter there.

No cruel strife, no bitter hate,
That better world can desolate,
For love alone hath full control
In that blest homeland of the soul.

How many vanished faces dear
In mem’ry’s golden light appear,
Of those who, passing on before,
Are safe with Christ forevermore!

How dark and cheerless life would be
If faith no brighter world could see,
If, weary “pilgrims of the night,”
We had no home beyond our sight!


Beyond our sight! beyond our sight!
“There is a land of pure delight,”
A world, than all our dreams more fair,-
God grant us each an entrance there!

T. O. Chisholm
  I little see, I little know,
  Yet can I fear no ill;
He who hath guided me till now
  Will be my leader still.

  No burden yet was on me laid
  Of trouble or of care,
But he my trembling step hath stayed,
  And given me strength to bear.

  I know not what beyond may lie,
  But look, in humble faith,
Into a larger life to die,
  And find new birth in death.

  He will not leave my soul forlorn;
  I still must find him true,
Whose mercies have been new each morn
  And every evening new.

  Upon his providence I lean,
  As lean in faith I must;
The lesson of my life hath been
  A heart of grateful trust.

  And so my onward way I fare
  With happy heart and calm,
And mingle with my daily care
  The music of my psalm.

Frederick L. Hosmer

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