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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Colorful Bottles and Yellow Iris with Here I can firmly rest and “A little while!” and He shall come

Here I can firmly rest;
I dare to boast of this,
That God, the highest and the best,
My Friend and Father is.

Naught have I of my own,
Naught in the life I lead;
What Christ hath given, that alone
I dare in faith to plead.

I rest upon the ground
Of Jesus and his blood;
It is through him that I have found
My soul’s eternal good.

At cost of all I have,
At cost of life and limb,
I cling to God who yet shall save;
I will not turn from him.

His Spirit in me dwells,
O’er all my mind he reigns;
My care and sadness he dispels,
And soothes away my pains.

He prospers day by day
His work within my heart,
Till I have strength and faith to say,
Thou, God, my Father art!
     Paul Gerhardt, Tr. by Miss C. Winkworth

“A little while!” and He shall come;
The hour draws on apace,
The blessed hour, the glorious morn,
When we shall see His face:
How light our trials then will seem!
How short our pilgrim way!
Our life on earth a fitful dream,
Dispelled by dawning day!

“A little while!” with patience, Lord,
I fain would ask, “How long?”
For how can I with such a hope
Of glory and of home,
With such a joy awaiting me,
Not wish the hour were come?
How can I keep the longing back,
And how suppress the groan?

Yet peace, my heart! and hush, my tongue!
Be calm, my troubled breast!
Each passing hour is hast’ning on
The everlasting rest:
Thou knowest well-the time thy God
Appoints for thee is best:
The morning star will soon arise;
The glow is in the East.

Then come, Lord Jesus, quickly come,
In glory and in light!
Come take Thy longing children home,
And end earth’s weary night!

El. Nathan

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