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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Green Bottles and Purple Flowers with Look all around you, find some one in need, and And art Thou, gracious Master, gone

Look all around you, find some one in need,
Help somebody today!
Tho’ it be little-a neighborly deed-
Help somebody today!

Many are waiting a kind, loving word,
Help somebody today!
Thou hast a message, O let it be heard,
Help somebody today!

Many have burdens too heavy to bear,
Help somebody today!
Grief is the portion of some ev’rywhere,
Help somebody today!

Some are discouraged and weary in heart,
Help somebody today!
Some one the journey to Heaven should start,
Help somebody today!

Help somebody today,
Somebody along life’s way;
Let sorrow be ended,
The friendless befriended,
Oh, help somebody today!

Mrs. Frank A. Breck
And art Thou, gracious Master, gone
  For us a mansion to prepare?
Shall we behold Thee on Thy throne,
  And sit forever with Thee there?
Then let the world approve or blame,
We’ll triumph in Thy glorious name.

Should we, to gain the world’s applause,
  Or to escape its harmless frown,
Refuse to countenance Thy cause,
  And make Thy people’s lot our own,
What shame would fill us in that day,
When Thou Thy glory wilt display.

No; let this world cast out our name,
  And vile account us if it will;
If to confess our Lord be shame,
  Oh, then would we be viler still:
For Thee, O Lord, we all resign,
Content that Thou dost call us Thine.

What transports then will fill our heart
  When Thou our worthless names wilt own, -
When we shall see Thee as Thou art
  And know as we ourselves are known;
And then, from sin and sorrow free,
Find our eternal rest with Thee.

Thomas Kelly

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