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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dawn with Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of Peace and This night, O Lord, we bless Thee

  Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of peace,
  For thee my thirsty soul doth pine;
My longing heart implores thy grace;
  O make me in thy likeness shine.

  When pain o’er my weak flesh prevails,
  With lamb-like patience arm my breast;
When grief my wounded soul assails,
  In lowly meekness may I rest.

  Close by thy side still may I keep,
  Howe’er life’s various currents flow;
With steadfast eye mark every step,
  And follow thee where’er thou go.

  Thou, Lord, the dreadful fight hast won;
  Alone thou hast the wine-press trod;
In me thy strengthening grace be shown:
  O may I conquer through thy blood.

  So, when on Zion thou shalt stand,
  And all heaven’s host adore their King,
Shall I be found at thy right hand,
  And, free from pain, thy glories sing.

C. F. Richter, tr. by J. Wesley
This night, O Lord, we bless Thee
  For Thy protecting care,
And, ere we rest, address Thee
  In lowly, fervent prayer:
From evil and temptation
  Defend us through the night,
And round our habitation
  Be Thou a wall of light.

On Thee our whole reliance
  From day to day we cast,
To Thee, with firm affiance,
  Would cleave from first to last;
To Thee, through Jesus’ merit,
  For needful grace we come,
And trust that Thy good Spirit
  Will guide us safely home.

What may be on the morrow
  Our foresight cannot see;
But be it joy or sorrow,
  We know it comes from Thee.
And nothing can take from us,
  Where’er our steps may move,
The staff of Thy sure promise,
  The shield of Thy true love.

Rev. James D. Burns

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