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Friday, August 16, 2013

Blue Morning Glories and Thy will be done! I will not fear and I know no life divided

  Thy will be done!  I will not fear
  The fate provided by thy love;
Though clouds and darkness shroud me here,
  I know that all is bright above.

  The stars of heaven are shining on,
  Though these frail eyes are dimmed with tears;
The hopes of earth indeed are gone,
  But are not ours the immortal years?

  Father, forgive the heart that clings,
  Thus trembling, to the things of time;
And bid my soul, on angel wings,
  Ascend into a purer clime.

  There shall no doubts disturb its trust,
  No sorrows dim celestial love;
But these afflictions of the dust,
  Like shadows of the night, remove.

  E’en now, above, there’s radiant day,
  While clouds and darkness brood below;
Then, Father, joyful on my way
  To drink the bitter cup I go.

J. RoscoeI know no life divided,
  O Lord of life, from Thee;
In Thee is life provided
  For all mankind and me:
I know no death, O Jesus,
  Because I live in Thee;
Thy death it is which frees us
  From death eternally.

I fear no tribulation,
  Since, whatsoe’er it be,
It makes no separation
  Between my Lord and me.
If Thou, my God and Teacher,
  Vouchsafe to be my own,
Though poor, I shall be richer
  Than monarch on his throne.

If, while on earth I wander,
  My heart is light and blest,
Ah, what shall I be yonder,
  In perfect peace and rest?
O blessed thought in dying!
  We go to meet the Lord,
Where there shall be no sighing,
  A kingdom our reward.

Rev. Carl J. P. Spitta
Tr. Richard Massie

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