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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roses and After a long and weary strife and Thy life is hid with Christ in God

After a long and weary strife,
After a struggle ‘twixt death and life,
How sweet to feel the tempest cease,
The angry billows sink to peace,
And perfect calm begin.

After the night of darkness here,
After the gloom, the doubt, the fear,
How sweet to hail heav’n’s dawning day,
When ev’ry cloud is rolled away,
And ev’ry eye sees clear.

After the din and war of earth,
After its wild, discordant mirth,
How sweet to list the rapt’rous song
That rises from the white robed throng,
Upon the crystal sea.

After the heart’s deep agony,
After its yearning for sympathy,
How passing sweet will be the rest
Within the arms, upon the breast,
Of Christ the Comforter.

     M. Fraser

Thy life is hid with Christ in God,
By faith its pulses beat,
Tho’ mist and storm obscure thy road,
Love guides thy weary feet.

Not now is granted thee to know
Unseen the mystic hand,
Each changing phase tho' dark below,
Is bright beyond the strand.

When tempest pow’r has passed away,
And thou these scenes review,
Wilt see that One has giv’n each day
Fresh grace for trials new.

And when in heaven’s effulgent light,
Here after thou shalt know,
How close, yet veiled from human sight,
Christ walked with thee below.

O precious, sweet assurance giv’n,
Then let thy faith be strong,
What now seems dark in yonder heav’n,
Will be a theme for song.

Mrs. E. W. Chapman

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