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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peonies, Book and Some sweet morn a day will open and There is joy among the angels

Some sweet morn a day will open,
Nevermore to close in night;
We shall hail the early token
Of its everlasting light.
On that bright and blissful morrow,
Pilgrims rest, their journey o’er;
Hunger, thirst, and death, and sorrow,
We shall know and fear no more.

Some sweet morn the saints now sleeping,
In the cold and silent tomb,
Shall awake with joyful greeting,
Mantled with immortal bloom;
Then we’ll meet the friends long parted,
Once on earth a happy band;
Meet and dwell with them forever,
Over in the Morning Land.

Some sweet morn the bridal city-
We shall see with wond’ring eyes,
Coming down in all her beauty,
Crowned with glory from the skies;
Then we’ll hail the King eternal,
With His saints, a mighty throng,
And, caught up with them forever,
We shall sing the glad new song.

     Rev. E. P. Marvin
There is joy among the angels,
In the blissful courts above,
When they see a sinner turning
To the Lord of life and love;
As he brings each weary burden,
Ev’ry sorrow, ev’ry care,
And uplifts the heart to heaven,
In an earnest, heartfelt pray’r.

There is joy among the angels,
When they see the faithful, who,
To their ev’ry sense of duty,
Ev’ry where are firm and true,
They who bring each earthly longing
In submission to God’s will,
And with firm and true endeavor,
Strive His precepts to fulfill.

There’ll be joy among the angels,
In that home of true delight,
When the day of life is ended,
And the shadows of the night;
There’ll be joy among the angels,
When the Savior, who is King,
Shall to that bright home eternal,
All His true and faithful bring.

There’ll be joy among the angels,
On that happy, golden shore,
When we meet our loved and cherished,
There to part, no, nevermore;
There’ll be joy among the angels,
And how happy all will be,
When we meet our blessed Saviour
In the day of Jubilee.

Violet E. King

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