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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crabapple Blossoms and The Lord our God is King

The Lord our God is King;
His rule, his name is love:
Let earth with hallelujahs ring,
And heav’n respond above!

His counsels he may keep
Hidden from mortal sight;
His ends may be a soundless deep;
But all he wills is right.

Never shall wrong prevail,
Whate’er his foes may do:
His word is given, and shall not fail;
For all he saith is true.

Dread storms may mark his path;
Darkness may o’er it brood;
The round world shake as with his wrath;
But all he doth is good.

Then sing, the Lord is King;
Sing, for his name is Love;
Let earth with hallelujahs ring,
And heaven respond above!

C. F. Root

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