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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Bible with Antique Vase and Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace

Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace
Our path when we wont to stray;
Stream from the fount of heav’nly grace,
Brook by the trav’ler’s way.

Bread of our souls, whereon we feed;
True manna from on high;
Our guide and chart, wherein we read
Of realms beyond the sky.

Word of the ever-living God,
Will of his glorious Son:-
Without thee, how could earth be trod,
Or heaven itself be won?

Yet to unfold thy hidden worth,
Thy mysteries to reveal,
That Spirit which first gave thee forth
Thy volume must unseal.

And we, if we aright would learn
The wisdom it imparts,
Must to its heavenly teaching turn
With simple, childlike hearts.

Bernard Barton

1 comment:

  1. Another great hymn, one that teaches the various ways in which the Word of God can bless us. Thanks for posting Barton's song.